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Mystery and Magic


What is included in a Mysterious and Magical Party?


Our fun filled 'Mystery and Magic' party is aimed for magicians and wizards aged between 4-7 years old. All our tricks and spells are easy to understand and follow but we will never reveal our secrets! Throughout this fantastic experience, our entertainers have the children mesmerized from the start with many humorous spells alongside themed music, fun activities and games.

Just a couple of notes and frequently asked questions:

  • Our party length is 2 hours but we can do longer and shorter parties if requested.

  • Our coaches do require to be setting up 30 minutes before the party start time.

  • They also need 30 minutes to pack down after the party.

Imaginative Party Games

We use fun themed party props to make our Mystery and Magic party games unique and exciting. Whilst all the party games are universal, we aim the games towards the birthday child’s love of Magicians or Wizards, so that the party is more personal for them!

Presentation time!


All of our parties we want the birthday child to feel extra special. We always start our parties with a fun and friendly welcome and we finish it off with a presentation for the birthday child to be something they will never forget. All children will be given sweets and prizes throughout the party by participating in our games.

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