Football Frenzy


What do you expect to get out of a football party?

Football ofcourse… So in our Football Frenzy Party we have jam packed it with everything a football fan could possibly want. Our parties are guaranteed to keep all the children engaged from the first minute.

We don’t only just play a big game of football. The first half of the party we will be playing all different games to improve some of the more basic skills and then the second half we will go into a small round robin tournament to get the children to show off their new skills.


Just a couple of notes and frequently asked questions:

  • Our party length is 2 hours but we can do longer and shorter parties if requested.

  • Our coaches do require to be setting up 30 minutes before the party start time.

  • They also need 30 minutes to pack down after the party.

An insight to our football party games…


We have a lot of stuff to cram into a 2 hour party so we start with a small warm up then we go onto games that target the 3 main skills to become a top footballer. These are Dribbling, Passing and Shooting. Games such as a Dribbling Relay Race, a fast paced Passing challenge, Shooting for Accuracy and then combining all 3 for Frantic Football.


To end the party we finish of with our Mini Tournament to determine the best team of the day.


Presentation time!


Once the Mini Tournament has finished and all the teams have played each other and earned as many points as possible, we will be awarding the certificates and prizes to the children. This is the best time to see those rosy cheeks and big smiles when they collect their winning prizes.