Here at AbsoluteSport we believe that being able to play multi sports can gain children confidence and different skill sets that enhance their abilities for the future. So unlike some other companies we mix up different sports on a regular basis. 

People think that athletes need to put all of their eggs into one basket to ensure their chances of being good at one particular sport. But that isn’t always the best plan of action. So here are some of the sports that your children will be participating in when they come to one of AbsoluteSport's sessions.

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Netball

  • Tennis

  • Athletics

  • Cricket

  • Rounders

  • Hockey

  • Handball

  • Dodgeball

  • Rugby

Playing sports provides kids with a lot of positive benefits: leadership skills, discipline, character, the benefits are endless. However, sometimes if athletes push themselves too hard, sports can become a negative part of their lives.

Help children become well-rounded athletes
It is increasingly important for children to develop as well-roundedathletes, complete with mental, physical, and life skills. Youth sports should be an ideal venue to develop a repertoire of these skills. In particular, emphasize the importance of a strong athletic foundation with your children. Progressive development of cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility are key to long-term athleticism.


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