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School Clubs & Wraparound Care

Our clubs and wraparound care are designed with children at the fore. We aim to ensure that each child is supported as an individual whilst encouraging them to engage within a group. This provides them a safe environment to improve their self-confidence and social interaction alongside their teams and as individuals; skills that reach far beyond school and sports to other areas of their lives.

The parents of children attending our clubs report that their children enjoy a greater sense of well-being and concentration due to the extra opportunities to spend time being active.

Our clubs are suitable for children of all levels of ability/skill. Regular practice promotes muscle memory, which results in positive self-esteem from improving their game. In addition, children learn the art of effective strategising and planning through team sports and again, these skills will be highly beneficial for the children to establish during their primary years.

Research on the topic suggests that extra-curricular sports and activities play a positive role in significantly improving soft skills for those children who regularly attend, such as independence, teamwork, communication, problem-solving as well as fitting in with their peers.

You'll find an itinerary of upcoming clubs here.

An AbsoluteSport blast!

We deliver a variety of exciting sports and games to help build confidence, social skills and sportsmanship.


Children attending our clubs feel extra prepared for upcoming school sports tournaments.

Encourages a healthy lifestyle outside of the school curriculum which is physically beneficial for primary children and lowers the risk of obesity
Physical activity and increased exercise can, to an extent, aid in lowering the chance of an individual suffering from depression and anxiety
Develop skills in sports and attending extra-curricular enrichment activities helps build confidence and self-esteem
The opportunity to interact with new people, develop interpersonal skills and learn from each other; discourages anti-social behaviours and encourages trust and friendship

Testimonials from the schools we have worked with

West Wittering Primary School

“We have employed the services of AbsoluteSport since September 2019 and I have to say we are really pleased with all aspects of the company and what they offer. The coaches are always enthusiastic with the children and the children really enjoy their Morning and After School Clubs. It is lovely to work with a company who is flexible and has a positive ‘can do’ attitude in all that they do. They really listen to the schools requirements and adapt their plans to fit in with us, which is vital in a primary environment. I would happily recommend AbsoluteSport, they represent a bespoke service at a very competitive price and most importantly the children really enjoy his sessions.”

Nick Matthews - Headteacher
Sidlesham Primary School

"As a school, we use AbsoluteSport for our before and after school clubs which our children love. They have also run many holiday clubs at our school and the children have a positive experience and are always keen to sign up. AbsoluteSport have a wide variety of sports on offer ranging from football, archery, fencing, table tennis, rugby and many more. They are multi-talents and regularly carries out school and birthday party discos which. We have found AbsoluteSport to be trustworthy and reliable and hope we continue to have a working relationship with them for many years to come."

Mrs Emma Phillips - Headteacher
Portfield Primary Academy

The children at Portfield Primary Academy are really enjoying the Wrap Around Care and the Holiday Camps provided by AbsoluteSport. The team is so friendly and fun, ensuring the kids have the best time. The staff are really reliable and accommodating.

Mr Strong - Headteacher
Birdham Primary School

“AbsoluteSport have been organizing some of our after-school clubs for just over a year now. They are very efficient and organised, liking detail and good paperwork. Parents have commented that their children’s sporting ability has improved exponentially under their coaches guidance. We’re super glad he wants to continue working with us again this year, and he is leading even more clubs for us!”

Mr M McCadden - Headteacher

How we aim to improve sporting performance in children attending our clubs

Many elite performers identify a background in multi-sports. Physical skills such as balance, running, catching, eye-hand coordination, jumping etc., are required for a multitude of sports and sports disciplines. Developing these vital skills in one sport will transfer into another. For example, a great footballer will also have the skills of a track and field athlete. This statement can be rephrased to make sense for most sports

We offer parents an affordable avenue for their children to experience a variety of sports in a fun and safe environment that isn't overly competitive but challenging enough to allow growth and where they can be assured of quality instruction and support. If you would like to choose a club for your child this upcoming term you can book them here.