AbsoluteSport Party

Why choose our AbsoluteSport Party?

Great question! The idea behind our AbsoluteSport Party is to offer the children the opportunity to play different sports and activities together.

We have a range of activities to choose from which will guarantee that the children stay engaged from the first minute.

We offer 11 fun activities for you to choose from that all children will love. All you need to do is choose the 6 preferred activities you want the children to play!

Our list includes:


Bat and Ball Balance

Baton Relay Race




Obstacle Relay Race

Penalty Shoot Out

Sprint Running Race

Standing Long Jump and Tug of War

Is there any activity that we haven't mentioned but you would like to do? Just ask us and if we can accommodate it we are more than happy to include it for you.

Presentation Time!

When all the sports and activities are concluded and the points have been tallied up, your coach will gather everybody around and announce the winning team.

All children who participate receive a certificate and the winning team will win some prizes!

An AbsoluteSport Party blast!